Attic Wood Flooring, Complete! (and a Lego tangential)

When we started work on our attic this last summer, we made the decision to pull all of the wood flooring planks out.  But, rather than just throw them out or use them for firewood, we opted to save them for restoration and re-installation. The floor was badly in need of a solid sub-floor, so there was no question that they had to go, if only temporarily.  After a few months of hard work, I just put the last coat of finish on the wood flooring in the attic!  Refer to this post for the beginning stages of flooring work!

Lets take the tour..

Here is the “before” picture of the attic stairway.

No…. Wait a minute…  That was an in-progress photo.  There, we actually had solid new steps and a window.   Ah, this is more like it!  Creepy with bits of green outdoor carpet thrown in:

Here is a current view of our attic stairs!  While we are staining none of our flooring, but opting to leave them their natural color, we did stain the pine construction grade lumber we used for our stairs.  Turned out to be an excellent match!

Here is a view of our future school room, well, part of it anyway.

Here’s the landing at the bottom of the stairs.  This flooring came from the neighbors old barn hayloft!

How about a proper floor in our small closet that will hold the central vacuum parts while not in use.

Check!  We have just the perfect reclaimed flooring for that!

Thinking about living in a house while you remodel it?  While many shy away from this (for good reason), it does fit our lifestyle well, even if it means using spare 2x4s to block off a freshly poly’ed floor, while still maintaining access to my the childrens Legos.

With four children, remodeling a house off-site would be unfair to them.  They would miss out on time with their father and I would miss out on, the dreaded Lego organization day(s)..

Piles of foot-piercing colorful blocks…  Literally, piles.  We were finding that the kids had lost all interest in Lego building.  Sitting down with them, it was pretty easy to see why.  It was impossible to find any pieces you needed among piles.  OCD, high on polyurethane, or just plain a lover of mind numbing pain, I set about the task of helping the kids sort out the Legos… by color….  I did this one other time, when our children were younger.  Needless to say, they didn’t stay sorted as long as I had hoped!

After only about a day and a half, we had everything in its proper bin, labeled and all!

Another few hours later, they had sets built that I haven’t seen in years!!   Totally worth it!

Besides the distraction of Legos pulling me away from my many house projects, we also hosted my dysfunctional family for Christmas in our construction project we call our house. Again, totally worth it!

Warm(ish) Greetings from Minnesota!





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