Home Goat Invasion!!

-15 deg F this morning and the forecast isn’t looking too promising either.  Looks like these three chaps get to hang out in the house a bit longer!

We aren’t really the kind of family that enjoys indoor pets/animals.  When we first moved here, we tried raising our kitten as an indoor cat.  He hated it and wanted so badly to live outside.  We caved and outside he went.  So, besides allowing newly hatched ducks/chicks to adjust to their life outside a shell for a day or two, we don’t have any indoor pets.  Until this week.

Enel, Tata, Imin have joined our family, in the house, since the night of their birth (their mother refuses to care for them) last weekend.  Overall, they are pretty fun(ny) to have around.  While there is the occasional accident (from a loose diaper) that we get to clean up and the nibbling and nudging at your legs when they are hungry, I think it has been a memorable week for our children.

Maybe for the goats too!  This is the three of them, all piled up under the kitchen sink after I turned on the blender to make up a smoothie for breakfast!  Poor things were terrified..  No puddles though!

Not to mention the air compressor and miter saw I am using upstairs while trying to complete some more attic progress.  When I first started, they started maa’ing like little babies every time the compressor kicked in.

Then there is their favorite hangout spot next to one of our forced-air heat vents..  If they are quiet and out of site, that is probably where you’ll find them.

Unless, of course, they are sleeping by the heat vent in the kitchen…



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