Unpredictable Winter Weather Adventures

Last week it was a blizzard, this week rain and sleet.  Because of priority put on other projects this summer, I never had time to put up a proper cow shelter on the back of our barn:(  So late last night Shelly and I cleared out our kid-goat pen and led Blacky (our beef calf) indoors, out of the cold rain.


By morning Blacky was dry and happy.  Once the weather improves later this week, we’ll let him back out into the pasture with Daisy.  This shows you can never have too many pens.  Looks like I will not only be adding a cow shelter next spring, but an extra pen or two in the main barn.

Besides adjusting our chore patterns for winter, we also adjusted our attire.  I made a quick stop to Fleet Farm and outfitted the family with matching insulated coveralls.  Oh, the things one gets excited about when you live on a farm!


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