Never a Dull Moment

The homesteading life is never dull.  Here are a few memorable and random moments we captured on camera this past couple of weeks. They represent a sliver of the amalgamation that is our lives.

Even when they are not present, they manage to leave their markings.  This is what I found when blindly reaching into my screw box while working on the barn…  I guess, better here than under my foot, although this was not quite the look I was going for.

Cycling is one of my passions.  I managed to sneak out for a quick gravel ride while the rest of the family was at a birthday party.  Something wasn’t feeling quite right, so I stopped to check it out.  Can you spot what’s wrong?

No doubt, a day they will not soon forget…

Well, they finally did it.  It was probably inevitable..  Our fences were secure.  Our gates were locked up tight.  But, that didn’t stop our furry troublemakers.  The goats managed to knock over these concrete slabs that blocked the exit to our barn gutter.  They then proceeded to climb through (not sure how Bella made it through) the small gutter hole and out the barn to sample every flower, raspberry plant, and tree in sight.  So the game begins, with the ball now in my court.  Game on, goaties!

This is from one of my commutes home from work the other week, on [pedal] bike.  If this isn’t motivation to pedal hard, I’m not sure what is.  Yes, those are bee hives, maybe 60-70 of them, on a public road!  And yes, they are full of bees.  No stings, but some close calls as a few got trapped in the holes of my helmet.

While this picture was not taken from our farm, a similar one will be this June/July!  Meet Angel, a Yak we are purchasing from a farm in southern Minnesota.  Yes, I said Yak 🙂



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That was embarrassing…

Sorry about that.  I was running our server on a raspberry pi and recently had some issues arise.  We are now on a new server.  Here are links to our youtube videos from past articles that are now lost 🙁


Reroofing our hip roof barn during the summer of 2016

2016 Barn Tour



2016 carrot and beet harvest

2016 potato harvest with the kids


Goat banding


Lake Itasca (condensed to 6 minutes)

Almost hit by a semi truck while cycling in Roseau, MN



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