Living in a house while remodeling = organized chaos

Demolition, reconstruction, a mouse (R.I.P.), incubating eggs, plenty of ice, drafty walls, moldy bathroom walls, a lost guinea hen, and a surge milker all pretty much sum up the happenings at our home!   Orderly-disorder. Whew!  Thankfully, the weather has cooperated recently giving way to much milder weather.  Both the kids and animals have been enjoying the outdoors (yes, our cat likes sledding!).  Shelly and I on the other hand, well, we’ve been inside..

Parts came in for our goat milker!  I will be putting together this system in a dual configuration.  So theoretically, I will be able to milk two goats at a time.  Still need to order a few more parts, but it is a start.

In addition to the milker, we also started our first batch of eggs in an egg incubator.  We are sitting at about the halfway point today, so here’s hoping to baby chicks in not too long!

Much of the work recently has been taking place in the house.  The previous owners had some serious mice issues, which we have mostly eliminated.  Many of the issues from the mice are becoming very evident as we continue demolition.  For example, here is another reason we are gutting down to the studs (as if we didn’t have enough reasons before 🙂  The mice literally chewed through the electrical, right down to the copper.  It is amazing that the house is still standing and didn’t burn down years ago from an electrical fire!  Scary stuff!

We have pulled out all of the bad electrical, needless to say.  We have been gutting walls for the last few weeks, which has left the house fairly drafty.  Demolition of our bedroom and the main rooms of our house is complete, we are finally onto the construction phase!!  As I type this, four of the rooms in our house are getting spray foam insulation put in!  Two more bedrooms will need to be gutted in about a month, but we need to get the other portions of the house in order before we start another mess.  That give us a month to enjoy relative order and cleanliness, note “relative”.

This last weekend, my dad came over and helped frame in several windows.  This was a much appreciated surprise.  Bedroom and living room windows are now ready for window installation (once they come in).

Goodbye sunlight.  We will miss you, if only for a few weeks!  Nothing like a window or two less to force you to get some lights wired in.  In the meantime, the kids get to sit down in the windowless dining room (a.k.a. the bat cave, sans bats) to complete their school work.  The kids don’t seem to mind.  Actually, it is surprising, they generally don’t even seem to notice the changes going on around them!  The carefree life of a child!  For me however, the inconvenience is a good motivational factor.  I, therefore, expect much more progress in the next couple of weeks!


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