Composting Toilet is Installed and Operational!

Our attic remodel is progressing well!  We are turning an unfinished, hard to access part of our house, into usable living space.  Part of that project includes adding a half-bathroom.  When my wife gave me the go ahead to order our first composting toilet, I hopped at the opportunity.

Last Wednesday, our compositing toilet arrived!

We still have a traditional flush toilet in our main bathroom, so I had to put this toilet next to that one to compare their size and footprint.  Overall, they really are comparable in size.  When researching this toilet, pictures made it look very tall (as even mine does).  While it does sit a little higher than our flush toilet, with the cover up, it does not appear to be that much higher.  The width and depth are pretty comparable.

So, here is everything that came in the stock kit (I did order an additional 5 ft of hose).  Included was the power cord (12VDC supply), fuse and fuse holder, vent hose, agitation handle, urine bottle cap, mounting hardware.

Here are some quick shots of the toilet closed…..

and open (still empty)….  So simple!

Right now, as you can see, the bathroom has a really classy plywood floor!  Sometime this Winter, I plan to get some tile down, but for now, we will live with plywood.  Our boys will have to sit while using this toilet, so aiming **shouldn’t** be a problem.  Oh, I hope that is not wishful thinking!

I connected the toilet’s fan up to my solar array’s battery bank on the other side of the bathroom wall.

Next, I ran the ductwork out to the exterior of the house.  The larger vent is from our main bathroom.  The smaller vent is from the composting toilet.

Here is a quick glance at the tubing behind our attic knee wall.  I made sure to have a can of spray foam handy to reseal the hole after installing the vent to the exterior of the house.  I’ll come back later and tidy up the vent hose, for now, this will work.

Next problem.  I needed the starter compost for the toilet.  The manual recommended peat moss.  I stopped at two local stores for some peat moss and they looked at me as if I was crazy.  I guess no one in these northern parts stocks or sells any peat moss this time of year, go figure.

No problem, I will go the sawdust route.  It is cheaper and more sustainable anyways.  I had some flooring that needed to be sent through the planer, perfect!

In goes the flooring….

out comes the smooth, clean floor plank…..

and plenty of sawdust…

I used my shopvac and dust cyclone to collect the wood shavings and dust.

It took a little less than a 5 gallon bucket of wood shavings to reach the fill line.  It took about a gallon of water to moisten the shavings.

Our composting toilet is now operational!  I will be sure to post a follow-up review as our family of six puts this thing through some real world testing.


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