Homesteading has changed from its humble beginnings.  It is not just about survival and living off of the land, although those are still it’s most defining features.  Homesteading is about self-sufficiency and a balanced, well rounded lifestyle.  It is about blending different systems and tasks together to allow them to work more efficiently.  It is about healthy eating and staying active.

When I am not on my homestead, you can typically find me working my day job.  My favorite way to get there is, well, on my [pedal] bike of course.  As hard as it is to admit, once winter sets in, that commute gets much more challenging here is Minnesota.  Normally, it gets to the point that I opt for the more traditional modes of transportation.   This normally leaves me needing to find a release and fitness on my indoor bike trainer.  While sometimes a quick show is helpful to get me through a workout, nothing beats some real outdoor footage and some upbeat music.  That is where these videos come in.

Hopefully you might find these useful (like I do) and give you something to get through your next treadmill or bike trainer workout.  Some are recreational and others are from my commute.

45 Minute Long – Late Winter – Mostly Gravel Forest Roads

Join me on a 45 minute ride down some quiet west central Minnesota gravel roads.  We’ll start (and end) in some older farming country (only a few of the farms are still in operation) and make our way through some classic Minnesota forest.  It was hovering around the freezing mark during this ride and the deer were out enjoying the mostly snow-free open fields.  Some things to watch for..  plenty of whitetail deer, an icy creek, and generally an all around beautiful late winter evening bike ride!