We love our goats and hope you will too!  We started our goat herd in the Spring of 2016 with two Nubian does.  We currently have a herd of four Nubian goats.   Our goats receive de-wormer, CD&T, and the CL vaccine.  This is a sensitive topic to some, so we provide this information to you so that we remain completely transparent.

Any goats available for sale from our farm will be posted here.  Check back in Spring 2017 or contact us on Facebook!

Abby – ADGA Registered 100% Nubian Doe


Anna – ADGA Registered Nubian Doe


Bilbo – ADGA Registered 100% Nubian Buck


Bella – ADGA Registered Nubian Doe

(Link coming soon)

Hinoki – 100% Nubian Buck